Voltminder is assembled in the USA

>> We hand test each VoltMinder prior to shipping to ensure accuracy and quality <<

This section includes tips and suggestions that we have from our experience using VoltMinder. Please send us yours and we will pass them along.

The statements in this section refer to engines with generators or alternators.

>>> It is important that your ignition does not control the receptacle that you use. In other words, the receptacle must be “hot” at all times.<<<

The time is approaching that government regulations will prevent truckers from idling their engines except under extreme temperatures.  Using VoltMinder could save you hundreds of dollars in towing
and jump start expenses.

Batteries do go bad due to internal problems. VoltMinder will not fix this, but it will alert you when your battery may be experiencing a problem, so that you can get it replaced before it strands you.

If you leave your lights on and VoltMinder's alarm sounds, you will notice that when you shut the lights off, the battery voltage will begin to rise and may even go above the alarm voltage level.  This is normal when you have a short time heavy load discharge.  If VoltMinder had not warned you, the battery would not have come back up because the lights would have been left on too long. In order to insure that your battery is fully charged, you should continue to run your engine until the battery is sufficiently charged.

Do not hesitate to start your engine when VoltMinder's alarm sounds.  (Yes, even if it's in the middle of a cold night!  We have found it a good idea to install a starter switch in the sleeper.  Email us or call us at 307-200-0455 if you have questions on how to do this.)

If your engine is running and the alarm sounds, this is probably an indication that either your battery has gone bad or your alternator has ceased to generate voltage.  In this case, shut off all devices that draw power and have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible!

The receptacle that you plug VoltMinder into should be within 1/10 of a volt of that of the battery voltage. You can determine this by using a good-quality digital voltmeter. If the voltage is not within 1/10 of a volt of that of your battery, you will need to find a source that closer to the battery. VoltMinder will display the voltage of your battery.

Mike S. wanted to monitor both battery systems so he installed a small Radio Shack box with a DPDT switch and wired lines to both battery sets, through fuses of course.  It worked well enough to let him see that his house batteries
were weak (he replaced them immediately).  He also noticed that his start battery was being run down during a normal weekend campout due to phantom loads.  He installed a Trik-l-Start on the batteries to fix this. 
He had the RV for an additional 2 years and never had a problem again.  (The original version of the Voltminder is shown.  This setup will work with with the current version of Votlminder.)  Thanks for the tip, Mike S!

Trik-l-Start - shown is Version 1 of Voltminder



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