Voltminder is assembled in the USA

>> We hand test each VoltMinder prior to shipping to ensure accuracy and quality <<

Over 2,660 Voltminders have been sold so far.
Thank you to all of our great customers!!!

Ideal for monitoring and alerting you of problems with battery and electrical systems for:
Big Rig trucks . . . RV’s . . . Travel Trailers . . . Cars . . . Golf Carts . . . Motor Boats . . . Scooters . . . Motorcycles . . . Airplaines . . . Battery Carts . . . Solar Panel Systems . . . Industrial Equipment . . . Home Electrical Equipment . . .
And many other devices and vehicles utilizing 12- to 50-Volt battery systems

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Count on VoltMinder to alert you that your battery is approaching a critical level which will not be sufficient to start your RV, car, truck or other 12- to 50-Volt battery system while also providing you an indication to check your electrical charging system (alternator or the like).


  • Hand tested prior to shipping to ensure precision accuracy
  • 180-day free-from-defects guarantee (100% refund after we receive the unit back)
  • Continuous monitoring of any 12- to 50-Volt battery and electrical system
  • Instant voltage read out
  • 4 digit LCD display for both day and night time viewing
  • Ability to set limit ranges from 10.5 to 50 DC volts (in .05 Volts increments) to meet your specific needs
  • Monitoring the battery system at the hundredths of volts level
  • Audible alarm warning
  • Option to silence alarm if so desired
  • Voltminder is not water resistant.  If you have a requirement for water proof Voltminders, please email us at info@voltminder.com, let's talk!
  • Easy to use push button technology
  • Mountable or portable
  • Compact 4” x 2 5/8” x 1 1/16” (101.6mm x 66.675mm x 26.988mm) size with a 6-foot (1.83 meters) cord which plugs into any vehicle power outlet or cigarette lighter – allowing you mounting and monitoring flexibility (We recommend hard wiring - Contact us for details )
  • Weight – less than 4 ounces
  • Highest quality electrical and measurement components
  • When on, the VoltMinder will draw 28-32 milliamps. Normal draw is 28 milliamps, when the alarm is sounding, draw is 32 milliamps.

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  We sincerely appreciate all of our customers in United States, Australia, Canada,
  England, Benin (Africa), Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, and Switzerland
who have spread the word about VoltMinder !

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