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What is VoltMinder?
VoltMinder is a precision built electronics instrument which measures DC (direct current) voltage.

Why do I need VoltMinder?
If you operate a vehicle that uses a 12- to 50-volt DC battery system, you can benefit from installing VoltMinder. When correctly used, VoltMinder will insure that you never experience the disaster of a dead battery (unless the battery malfunctions internally).

How does VoltMinder work?
VoltMinder will monitor the voltage of your vehicle and will alert you through an audible and visual warning system if your battery voltage drops to a level that would not be sufficient to provide the power necessary to start your engine. The warning level is easily set by you, using the controls on the unit itself. You set the Alert Voltage in .05 Volt increments. Settings are normally set for 12-, 24-, 36-, or 48-volt or whatever is appropriate for you battery system

How much power does VoltMinder itself draw?
When on, the VoltMinder will draw 28-32 milliamps. Normal draw is 28 milliamps, but when the alarm is sounding, the VoltMinder will draw 32 milliamps.

How will VoltMinder make my battery last longer?
VoltMinder helps avoid the damaging drain on your battery that results from usage or undercharging, thereby extending the life of your expensive battery to it's full potential.

Is VoltMinder easy to use?
It's easier than falling off a log! In just a few minutes, the easy-to-understand instructions will guide you through the set up process.

Is VoltMinder proven in “real life” usage?
Yes! VoltMinder has been in field testing for thousands of hours without a single failure.

Is VoltMinder affordable?
Yes, when you properly use VoltMinder, you will eliminate the cost of frequent battery replacement and costly roadside assistance (jumpstarts) due to undercharged batteries. Owning VoltMinder will be one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle.

How did VoltMinder originate?
The original VoltMinder was developed in late 2001. Gary Latinis, an over-the-road trucker who has been trucking for 30+ years and driven over 4 million miles, invented VoltMinder, after realizing that there was not a simple-to-use, inexpensive device to warn a vehicle operator that the battery voltage was dropping to a level that would not allow the vehicle to start.  Before inventing VoltMinder, Mr. Latinis experienced the aggravation, expense, and inconvenience of waking up and finding that his truck's battery voltage had dropped too low to start his engine.  One day he decided that a trucker (or anyone who has to worry about their batteries) shouldn't have to put up with this high dollar problem. So he invented VoltMinder.  He has been testing VoltMinder over the past year, without a single failure of the original device.

I'm hard of hearing.  Can VoltMinder audio alarm be made louder?
Currently, VoltMinder audio alarm level is set at the time of manufacture.  E-mail us or call us at 307-200-0455 for special orders.

What information does VoltMinder digital readout provide?
While your engine is not running, VoltMinder will provide the following information:
• How much voltage your headlights are taking from your battery.
• How much your T.V., refrigerator, electric mattress pad or any other accessory, is taking from your battery. (Did you know that your TV will use battery voltage, even if it is turned off?)
• How much voltage your trailer or cab lights take. (TIP - LEDs take much less voltage than conventional bulbs).
• If some electrical equipment is pulling more power than it should (this may indicate an electrical short exists).
While your engine is running, VoltMinder will provide the following information:
• All of the above (The alternator voltage regulator will compensate for most of the above voltage drops)
• After you use VoltMinder for a while, you will be able to determine when your alternator is going bad.


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