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This section contains stories from VoltMinder owners and how VoltMinder saved them from the aggravation and inconvenience caused by a dead battery or bad alternator. Please send us your experiences and we will pass them along.

I have bought two VoltMinders: one in 2007 and another just recently. I use them to keep track of the charging voltage on two cars while in winter storage. The cars’ batteries are maintained with Battery Tenders. I track the voltage in case of a Battery Tender’s failure. On one car the VoltMinder is plugged into the cigarette lighter and lays the dashboard, making it easy to check the car’s voltage. I just look at VoltMinder through the windshield without opening the door. The back light is a nice feature that allows me to see the voltage in a dark garage. Recently, I had an old Battery Tender fail to go into float voltage, thus stuck at 14.7 volts. This could have been a disaster, if I did not know what happened. D. P., Michigan

I have purchased from you in the past I think over the years i have purchased about 10 in total... All are performing as good as the day I installed then in my Cars ,Boats & Race Boat Transporter... My favorite is my OZ made Seafarer 6mt boat set up with two Optima Batteries that I monitor via a on/off/on switch which lets me know of any pending issues in either battery... Thanks for the great service.. IW, Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to tell you about the great product you have. Bought 2 voltminders from you back in January. They have been the answer to my low battery problem. For all you Ham Radio Operators that want to make sure that you emergency radio storage batteries don't go bad, here is the answer. You can set the low voltage alarm to alarm for any voltage between 8 volts and 50 volts. While I don't normally float my radio backup batteries (recent experience made for an overheated battery), knowing the battery condition, allows me to charge it when it needs charging. Having an audible alarm helps to stay on top of things. Great product, great service Gary! DB, Greenbelt, MD

It is a pleasure dealing with an honest man whom refunds cash when the postal service gives an incorrect quote. Received both the voltmeter and the letter with the cash the other day. A. B., Alberta, Canada

This is my 3rd purchase from you. I have one in my Travel trailer, one in a camper(sold it in 2009) and now putting one in my new Arctic Fox Truck Camper next week. My first one in my trailer is still working fine and has been on since I bought it in 2008. Not one problem. It does a great job for me and I could not ask for more. There are many posts on the RV.Net forum about your product. Guys that boondock like it because they usually don't have generators, or want to make sure that they can start an onboard one. Great product........ G. H., Iowa

Hi, Just received my VoltMinder. and hooked it up and is running great! Super Product! Love it! Thanks again! I hooked it up on my 1996 Honda Goldwing.G. G., Mechanicsburg, PA

I have to say I was rather skeptical at first. I had been looking for some time for a device that would serve my purpose, and one that didn't look like it was cheaply made. I had gone to a number of auto parts stores, and inquired with no success. The closest I got was a flimsy unit that you plug into the cigarette lighter not much bigger than a lighter. So I took a chance with (your) VoltMinder. I have to say that it has been a great investment. Seeing as how my car didn't come with nothing more than the "idiot light" that comes on only when it's too late. M. B., Fontana, CA

I had a problem with my battery on my motorcycle. It would loose a charge and I would not know until it was too late, and on the side of the road. I need a way of knowing what the condition of my electrical system is. On the Internet I found your VoltMinder web site. I was impressed with what it does and how it works. It seems to be what I need to keep track of my bikes voltage at a glance. Thank you for developing this VoltMinder J. S., Silver Spring MD

Received VoltMinder today. I was very happy with the easy way it worked and did everything I wanted done M. G., Newfoundland, Canada

What a pleasant suprise. The VoltMinder far exceeded my expectations. First, it is the correct size- not micro miniature like many devices these days. I can read the display from anywhere in my boat cabin. The delay is a great idea- no alarm when starting engines. There are not many devices that I can't think of a way to improve but this is one of them. Good work! H. O., Toccoa, Georgia

I purchased a VoltMinder back in the spring and installed it immediately in my new travel trailer. My main use for the VoltMinder is when I go on my annual 2 week fishing trip where there's no electricity....it worked flawlessly. It was simple to install, simple to use...and worked well. Thanks for a great product. T. H., Rensselaer, Indiana

I have tried the VoltMinder in this part of the world - NORTHERN CANADA 200 NORTH EAST OF QUEBEC CITY. Unfortunately the winter so far has been very mild,the coldest minus 30 celcius on a few days only, but the meter worked to perfection. Every week I was checking the battery of my pick up with a tester and the reading was the same as the VoltMinder pluged in the cigar lighter...super product L.P., Quebec, Canada

I purchased your VoltMinder in 2004 and "hard wired" it onto the red and black accessory posts. It probably has not been unplugged a total on 30 days since I installed it. In that time it has worked exactly as I expected it to. When my batteries were old it would wake me up so I could kick the generator on and on Oct 19th it alerted me to the 2nd alternator failure since I purchased it. The first one was tricky as the alternator would drop below 12 volts while driving but when I stopped it would return to 13.7 volts. I had to stop four times before it finally did not go up and I could check the alternator with my multi meter and verify its demise. The last failure was easy it quit working and 15 seconds later I was reaching for my back scratcher to shut the alarm off. T.N., Illinois

Thanks for your help. I'm doing everything shy of stopping westy drivers on the street and telling them about your
VoltMinder! And don't think I won't be recommending it to everyone I know with an RV too!
S.D., California

Not 30 minutes after I bought your product, I cut the end off an older 12V appliance and used it to test with my digital hand-held voltmeter. To my surprise, it looks like my main battery and alternator are charging well, but my house battery charging circuit isn't engaging! (I don't use my house batteries much). With your product, I would have known this long ago. R.S., California

Gary, Just a note to let you know I got my VoltMinder in the mail at the end of last week -- pretty fast! Also, you are very thorough -- even included the screws for the mounting bracket!! More importantly, the VoltMinder is everything you said it would be: a precision meter/monitor, easy to setup & read, includes appropriate self-tests, and it looks great!! Thank you for a very practical, well-engineered product!! J.H., Prof OTA Trucker

The VoltMinder is absolutely brilliant! We have six 12 year olds driving at up to 35mph, so it's quite enough for them to concentrate on steering & track position. They can totally ignore the battery state unless they hear the minder, when they can come into the pits on the next lap ... The VoltMinder won't help them go further, it will just make them stop a couple of miles before they totally ruin $400 worth of batteries! - B.R, Tring School , Mortimer Hill, Tring, Herts, UK - The Voltminder is used by students who build and race electric cars, please see WWW.GreenPower.co.uk for information about the electric car racing circuit

Gary, I just wanted to let you know that I received the VoltMinder and it works great! Awesome product. I am ordering another one tonight. Thanks for all your help. ... I have a couple of buddies that will be ordering one as well.
S.T., Georgia

I ordered two VoltMinders 18-Nov-2004.  I installed one in my 2004 Dodge Durango.  It works great.  The other one in my basement for emergency battery for power failure alarm.  It works great.  They should (have) had this 20 years ago.  Good job on VoltMinder.  Thank you.
T. Z., Ohio

I purchased a VoltMinder last year following the Louisville truck show.  This note is to let you know that I am very satisfied with it.  The VoltMinder paid for itself by the end of last summer.  I ran the truck's A/C only one night.  The alarm on the VoltMinder allowed me to sleep while operating both the bunk vent fan and my small electronic cooler for 8-plus hours.  Thank you for producing such a useful product.
E. H., Wisconsin

After a long day's run, I would shut down with a bit of R&R, then drift off to sleep.  Of course, forgetting to turn off the TV and lights.  I used to wake up to the howl of the inverter.  Then, I'd be begging for a boost.  Now VoltMinder, which I have hooked up in my bunk, will go off long before my batteries are a problem.  I never used my booster cables since.  Except to help others, of course.
K. B., Ohio

I had just finished eating, and had just got underway back on the highway. Less than a minute after I started the engine on my Peterbilt, the VoltMinder alarm alerted me that there might be a problem. I looked at the digital display on VoltMinder, and it was showing less than 12 volts. The battery was fairly new, so I didn't figure there was a problem with the battery. I stopped my truck, and checked under the hood. I looked at the alternator and belts. Everything looked ok. I shut off the engine, and heard a loud whirring sound. It was the starter. It was stuck in the energized position. This had happened to me several years earlier with another truck, and I remember being told to hit the starter with a hammer to see if that would "fix" it. So, I hit it, and it dropped back down into its "normal" position. If VoltMinder had not alerted me to a problem, I have no doubt that the stuck starter would have caused me a lot of money in repair bills.
G. L., Texas

I was driving down the highway when the VoltMinder audible alarm sounded. I checked the VoltMinder digital display, and it showed 12.1 volts, which was what I had set as the alarm voltage. What happened was my alternator had failed. Luckily, I carry an extra alternator. I pulled into a roadside rest area, changed out alternators, and was back on the road.
G. L., Texas

I had purchased VoltMinder and was taking time off from the truck. Truck was sitting at home and one morning, the VoltMinder was saying my batteries were low. I thought something was wrong with the VoltMinder. Not the case. I had a bad battery and was able to replace the batteries without a garage fee. Thank God and Gary for VoltMinder.
D. R., Illinois

I've owned my 2001 for 2 years. Since I bought it, I I've had numerous dead batteries. I just replaced the batteries a second time. I finally found the cause - a light on below the bunk. I do use a cooler and inverter for small computers, so I am aware of current draw. With the VoltMinder, I have piece of mind since I always know the charge of my batteries.
R. M., California

(It is) very important to monitor volts in 100ths as oppossed to 10ths (VoltMinder displays voltage level to the 100ths of a volt). By monitoring all the time, you actually get to know your battery. I have 110 plug-in with charger, an alternator from the engine, and a charger from my on board generator, so there is a lot going on and I find it very important to know at a glance that it's charging. So, far, I love it (VoltMinder).
W. N., Florida

I have a 3406E 600HP Cat. Put it this way, I have never needed a jumpstart since I have received my VoltMinder. Its alarm has awakened me 5 times. I have learned how long I can go before a certain voltage that's displayed before I have to start the rig as well as now knowing how long I need to idle the rig before I can shut it down, by watching the voltage meter on the VoltMinder. It makes my life easier out here on the road, especially with all the anti-idling laws being enforced. In one year, it has easily saved me $300-$500. No downtime, no batteries to be replaced, no loss due to late pickup or dropoffs!
J. K., Michigan

It saved my ass 2-3 times last winter. It's just great! Thank you!
R. D., Pennsylvania

I have a Proheat bunk heater. In the winter time, the unit shuts off when the batteries are low. You wake up freezing your butt off. With VoltMinder, the alarm wakes you up before the unit shuts off. You wake up warm, start the truck, and go back to sleep. Thank you for the convenience!
H. P., Illinois

(The) second night using it and the VoltMinder went off at 4AM. My refrigerator is always on. I charged the batteries and went back to bed. I was watching too much TV, and that weakened the batteries. Also, I used it on our new sailboat to see how the dual battery selector switch was wired. It saved a lot of guesswork. Thanks.
B. B., Washington

It works. It told me when my batteries were going bad. I have new batteries now and I didn't lose any time. Thanks to VoltMinder
D. G., Tennessee

I've used this unit in my big rig, as well as my Ford F-350, and my boat. I can't get my boat out very often, so I've checked the battery condition before towing it to the lake. Saving me by getting to change a low battery before hitting the water, (instead of) finding it didn't have enough charge to start my outboard. This VoltMinder saved the day and it's worth every cent I spent on it.
R. C., Michigan


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