Voltminder is assembled in the USA

>> We hand test each VoltMinder prior to shipping to ensure accuracy and quality <<

Over 2,660 Voltminders have been sold so far.
Thank you to all of our great customers!!!

We have plenty of inventory!  The supply chain issues that you've been reading about have not  affected us.  We can fill most orders in 24 hours.

Ideal for monitoring and alerting you of problems with battery and electrical systems for:
Big Rig trucks . . . RV’s . . . Travel Trailers . . . Cars . . . Golf Carts . . . Motor Boats . . . Scooters . . . Motorcycles . . . Airplaines . . . Battery Carts . . . Solar Panel Systems . . . Industrial Equipment . . . Home Electrical Equipment . . .
And many other devices and vehicles utilizing 12- to 50-Volt battery systems


Count on VoltMinder to alert you that your battery is approaching a critical level which will not be sufficient to start your RV, car, truck or other 12- to 50-Volt battery system while also providing you an indication to check your electrical charging system (alternator or the like).


  • Hand tested prior to shipping to ensure precision accuracy
  • 180-day free-from-defects guarantee (100% refund after we receive the unit back)
  • Continuous monitoring of any 12- to 50-Volt battery and electrical system
  • Instant voltage read out
  • 4 digit LCD display for both day and night time viewing
  • Ability to set limit ranges from 10.5 to 50 DC volts (in .05 Volts increments) to meet your specific needs
  • Monitoring the battery system at the hundredths of volts level
  • Audible alarm warning
  • Option to silence alarm if so desired
  • Voltminder is not water resistant.  If you have a requirement for water proof Voltminders, please email us at info@voltminder.com, let's talk!
  • Easy to use push button technology
  • Mountable or portable
  • Compact 4” x 2 5/8” x 1 1/16” (101.6mm x 66.675mm x 26.988mm) size with a 6-foot (1.83 meters) cord which plugs into any vehicle power outlet or cigarette lighter – allowing you mounting and monitoring flexibility (We recommend hard wiring - Contact us for details )
  • Weight – less than 4 ounces
  • Highest quality electrical and measurement components
  • When on, the VoltMinder will draw 28-32 milliamps. Normal draw is 28 milliamps, when the alarm is sounding, draw is 32 milliamps.

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